Legends and curiosities

  • Melanara beach, with its smooth coast lines and considerable length, always was ideal for the use of the fishing technique called chinchorro, a traditional means no longer allowed.
  • In Melenara was erected in 2001 the Neptune’s statue that has become a landmark of the coast of Telde.
  • The San Francisco quarter, in Telde, is one of the oldest in the Canaries, and many elements of the traditional house building of the islands can be seen: limestone walls, wooden beams and roofs made out of Canary Islands pine tree, truss roofs…
  • Tufia, charming little village, was listed as Natural Protected Area in 1987, and the pre-Hispanic settlement was equally granted Historic-Artistic Monument status in 1973. Tufia is one of the watching points along the coast of Gran Canaria from which pirate attacks were prevented.
  • In the spot named Arenales de Tufia exists a fossil sand dune area. This is considered, geologically speaking, a natural heritage treasure.
  • At the Taliarte quay the traditional fisherman boats meet with the oceanographic ships researching on new means to take advantage from the Canarian sea resources.