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Before you reach the sea, visit Telde´s town centre, only 10 minutes away by car. You will wander through the old San Francisco quarter. Its cobbled alleys and white houses belong to one of the most ancient historic-architectural ensembles in the Canaries. Away from the town main roads, the passer-by would feel as though a jump back in time has been taken and is now in the middle of a 16th century Canarian village.

Get to the Taliarte quay and you will see the fishing fleet side by side with oceanographic vessels from the Marine Science and Innovation Park. In Taliarte the traditional work of fishermen allies with the efforts from scientists devoted to investigate and innovate. The aim of both is to find and share the wealth offered by the sea.

Go to Melenara beach, and step in the sand on your bare feet. The sun in this Telde district beach will caress your skin. In the horizon, Neptune watches the shore, so he will let you know whether the tide is high or low. Swim in its blue waters, and approach the statue. Local children love climbing on top of the Neptune rock, or even the statue itself, and plunge in the sea.

At lunchtime, either on the beach or the adjoining streets it is plenty of bars and restaurants where you can order fresh fish, pan-fried or boiled, sided by some typical dishes from the Canarian cuisine. Enjoy your meal while watching this beautiful spot in the Gran Canaria coast.

In the afternoon, visit the small village of Tufia. From ancient times, this little and sheltered beach has been home to fishermen who continued living by this cozy cove for generations. Tufia is a feast to the senses. Local fisherman’s little houses in white and blue are located right at the shore. The volcanic rocks rise from the sand in this quiet waters beach, safe from waves or currents. Pay your visit at low tide time, otherwise the sands will vanish! Even from the rocks, any visitor arriving to Tufia will enjoy this magical hideout though.

At sunset, you can visit the archaeological site of Tufia pre-Hispanic settlement and its seven houses ensemble, the tagoror (a sort of senate to discuss affairs of state), and a group of caves. There is evidence pointing at some of the settlement streets being cobbled. Although your breath may rather be taken away by the fanciful shapes of the fossil dunes of Arenales de Tufia, a Paleolithic beach which turned into the neck of land linking the two beaches in the area.

At sunset, Melenara beach cheers up when the locals go out to sample some fresh air. Of course, you can share these hours with them in the many bars and restaurants in the beach. Throughout the year, you will dine under the stars. And if your visit takes place in the summertime there will be rather crowded open air concerts from different music styles. Fun is assured in the Melenara cool summer nights.