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Morning is the best time to wait for the arrival of the fishermen on their boats. Besides the wharf you can find the facilities of the Fisherman’s Guild, where the fresh fish trading takes place. From the dock the fish catch is downloaded and sent to the fish market, so the existing channels of distribution feed supermarkets and restaurants.

Go to the Fishing Cooperative premises and ask if the boat carpenter is in his workshop. He will explain how after he works on it, a piece of timber transforms into a boat. Carving, nailing and sealing pieces of wood, the outcome of his work is a spectacular brand new boat ready to ride the waves.

The whole district is picturesque, with its narrow alleys leading to the sea. As for the sea life, it is present on every corner. When strolling around, take a look at the name of the streets. Why not playing a game to guess the meaning of each one? You will soon find out the secret kept by these names.

At noon stroll down the waterfront towards the tower known as the San Cristobal Castle. The promenade was recently renovated and has become one of the most frequented by town residents. Enjoy the waves breaking in the rocks while sipping a coffee in one of the many bars and restaurants located there. To walk down the San Cristobal promenade watching the tower and the La Luz port in the background is well worth the visit.

But you will also enjoy the sea breeze brought by the trade winds, and the beauty of the ocean reaching the shores. It is plenty of places where you can have a snack or drink something. And at the other end of the promenade, by the dock and guild, the La Puntilla beach golden sands embrace the local families in their relax time while they enjoy, of course, the sea.

In the evening, at sunset, the low tide unveils a completely new landscape. The rocks, originated by volcanoes, break the surface with whimsical shapes. The breaking of the waves calms down so the locals make the most of it fishing from the shore with their rods while children run about in the last hours of the day.

Peace has its own secret haven in San Cristobal’s sunset. Live the privilege of being part of it.