Canarian traditional gastronomy, as the majority of them, is based on the products of the region and the season. So it is logical that, being a group of islands, fish plays a significant role. Parrotfish, Amberjack, Tuna, Octopus, Limpets… All these species existing in these waters are present in many plates, as there are so many different ways to cook them as households exist in the archipelago.

    A fisherman said that, in order to cook fish and make a good dish you only need freshly caught fish and the knowledge needed to cook it the right way, as some recipes can be used for some fish but not for others.

    We would like to spread our recipes, made out of our local fish and conveyed by those who know it best: the Gran Canaria fishermen; their families and friends; those working with them…

    Fish Broth Pepile style

    Octopus  Carmen Rosa style

    Boiled Parrotfish Paco style

    Marinated Tuna Vielo style