What to do

Every morning, the artisanal dock is swarming with frantic fishermen. Should you come by early, you will see how they get their boats and nets ready. Use the morning light for learning how to spot the piedra picúa, the pointy rock used to pinpoint the harbor. Take for granted that one of the fishermen will show you how to find it and explain what it means to them. The moment you spot it, you will have learnt how to navigate to Puerto de Mogan!

mogán hacer2On the beach, you can rent out a sail boat, a pedal boat, a kayak or a watercraft. Venture into the sea and enjoy its vastness under Mogan sun. Enjoy the superb beauty of the coasts and the view of the island top from the sea. Try to spot the ancient cave dwellings clinging on the ravine’s rim. You will feel like a pirate looking for adventure!

And if you feel adventurous, maybe you would prefer to rent out a yacht, try marlin fishing or learning to scuba-dive. Everything is possible at Puerto de Mogan.

mogan hacer3At lunch time fresh fish will be the star in the many restaurants menu, especially at the Fisherman Guild’s. It is the perfect occasion to taste the fruit of these local men’s labor. Grilled or stewed, the moganero tuna fish will reveal delicious to you.

Do not miss the Lomo Los Gatos Archaeological Site. It is a settlement with cross-like floor plan houses, a burial ground and a construction called The Seven Corner House. The techniques and materials used for building by the aboriginal population of this area are clearly exposed on this archaeological compound. The visit will allow you to experience how the life of the aboriginals living in this coast was.

mogan hacer4At sunset, go up to the viewpoint walking through the intricate labyrinth of narrow streets rising to the top amidst the fishermen white houses. Maybe you will find the Piedra Picua Street! You will not regret the effort as you will be gazing at the best views in this fishing village. The sight of the twinkle in the harbour and the sunlight slowly fading will take your breath away.

At night, the marina is the place you cannot miss. The restaurants, bars and cafes will turn on their lightning to welcome their customers, while music is played live. Spend a wonderful evening dining under the stars, as in most establishments open-air tables are available. There will be no better ending for your day in Puerto de Mogan.