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Start your day at the Agaete village visiting the church and the square. Some of the bars seem to be drawn from an early 1900s postcard. Let the locals gain you with their friendliness. You can visit the Huerto de las Flores Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy an exuberant sample of native and exotic flora. Or maybe, if you constitute a group of visitors, you would rather visit the La Rama Museum so you can learn everything about this famous and remarkable popular party.

Nearby, in the route to El Valle, the Maipes Archaeological Compound is a must see. It is a breathtaking lava and petrified fire landscape in the middle of the superb Agaete Valley where you will learn how the ancient aboriginal settlers of the north of Gran Canaria lived and honored their dead.

Go down the road to Puerto de Las Nieves and visit the fishing dock, where there is a constant frenzy. Tourists and local population mingle in the alleys, always shielded from the sun. Do not miss the opportunity to watch the fishermen returning with their overwhelming catch, or visit the charming Las Nieves Chapel, home to the 16th century Flemish triptych preserved in Agaete. From the old pier the visitor can see Dedo de Dios (God’s Finger), a volcanic rock emerging from the sea that is a symbol to the village.

It is time to freshen up with a pleasant swim in the rocky beach or in the Las Salinas natural pools, at the end of the Paseo de los Poetas (Poets’ Walk). At lunchtime, fresh fish of the day is always the star at bars and restaurants.

To finish the journey you will maybe fancy learning more about the area by hiring a trekking route, or you may prefer a Spa session at one of the two hotels in the area which offer such treat.

Agaete faces west, so it is worth waiting till sunset, as from this point in the island it is astonishingly beautiful. Enjoy it from the Poets’ Walk. The sea and the northern cliffs will merge with the sundown light in a picture you will never forget.