Carmen Rosa. Wise of the Sea 2012


  • I learnt how to fish with my uncle and used to go fishing very happy. At the age of nine I started working at the sea; my first salary was half a duro (2.5 peseta, € 0.015). Getting paid was perfect, but if I got no salary I didn’t mind at all, as all I wanted was going out in the sea. I was never driven by money, but for my love for the sea.
  • The sea will give you “10 truths and 20 lies”; should you get a “truth”, save it for the arrival of the “lies”.
  • I used to sell what I landed every day myself. After fishing, soaking wet and on my bare feet, I placed my catch in a basket and walked to the bus stop to go to Telde where I sold it all. The money went then to my grandmother so she would make sure we lacked nothing at home.
  • My dream is to own my own boat… And it came true when I won the lottery run by the Organization for the Blind! I bought my boat and had some money left to spare, so I shared it with those in need.
  • I pick up a fish with my hand and just by looking at it I know in what area of the waters of Gran Canaria it was caught.
  • My boat, which was built in 1936, I bought it off a lady who had raised her nine children thanks to it. I gave it a face-lift but promised the former owner not to change the name. Pino was the name, and Pino remained until the day I left her over for scrap.
  • I have taught at workshops on fishing to scholars and I love it. Once, after I had finished my participation, one of the kids approached me and say: “my mum gave me two Euro to buy anything I liked, and as I loved your talk I give these to you”. Of course I didn’t take them, but this made me feel happier than I had felt after being given a million.