Pacuco Guedes Shipowner


  • When I was a kid the priest asked permission to my father, who was a fisherman, so I could study on a scholarship and my father agreed. I joined the seminary but did not finish, then I went on to be a telegraph operator and I finally got a job in a bank. But I never stopped going fishing before starting at the office every day though. It seems clear that there must be some genetic component to fishing.
  • One day at Pozo Izquierdo with my father the sea was so rough that I, young and inexperienced, thought that jumping into the sea was the best thing I could do. My father grabbed me and said: if you jump over, we both will die, as I will jump after you to fetch you, whereas if we stay together on the boat we have a chance to survive. So it was, as we bailed out the water and made it to safety onshore.
  • When I was a little kid I used to sit at the door to the house and would stay there until I saw the sails in the horizon to put my mind at ease, as this meant that my father was coming back home alive and kicking. Every day it was a burst of joy seeing him arrive.