Luis Trujillo Chief Skipper at the Fisherman’s Guild


  • Being 11 I quit the school and started working in the sea. I used to go out fishing in the mornings and in the afternoons I sit tu study… And I wasn’t bad at it because at that very age I got a scholarship. It was the family needs that put work prior to the rest.
  • When the tourism boomed I worked as a chef making more money, but I always combined it with fishing. As soon as I had the chance I quit cooking and now I only work at the sea, what I most love.
  • My father was my teacher; he taught me how to listen to the sea and the wind, and to look at the clouds. I vividly remember one day we both set out with my brother and my cousin. The day was perfect and while fishing my father suddenly said: “unset; I’m hearing a funny noise I don’t like at all”. We did not obey as the catching was being so good and there was no sign of trouble at all. But, ignoring our complaints, he removed all lines and set for the coast. While sailing back, the wind, the rain and the waves were so strong that we struggled to make it to safety.
  • The birth of a child is always joyful, but I will never forget the birth of my second child. He was born while I was away in the sea and got the news when I arrived to the shore the day after and someone came running to the boat to tell me the news.