• I started to work at 12 but didn’t quit the school and at 14 I was already a professional. I remember how when I was little I used to go onboard with my grandfather because I loved going out to the sea. I always say that I was made inside a boat, cause without the sea I cannot live.
  • Out of our family of 10 brothers, three of us are fishermen. My father, also a fisherman, never forced us into his profession; we chose it because we loved it… And we still do. Fishing is like medicine to me, for when I get onboard all my pains fade away.
  • I remember a very moving day for me at the sea: the day my wife got onboard and accompanied us.
  • From my experience I say that fishing used to be a much harder job. Nowadays there is much of a mechanical help whereas in the past everything had to be handmade.