Juana. Secretary- General at the Fisherman Guild


  • My name ended up being quoted in a scientific magazine. How did this happen? It’s a curious story. One day we recorded the catching of a Southern seabream that weighted over 23 kilo. It was huge, and according to the fellow fisherman who caught it, it was so aggressive that tried to feed on the Horse-mackerels inside the seine. That fish was impressive, and I got a biologist to come and see it and identify the animal. That was how my name ended up in a scientific magazine.
  • In Agaete we adore our patron Virgin of El Carmen. July the 16th is a sacred day for all the Agaete fishermen and their families. We draw the virgin on board of a vessel in a sea procession escorted by all the boats of the area, and on the way back, once on the shore, we make a fish barbecue to which everyone willing to celebrate with us this great day is invited.
  • I still remember in anguish the day when some comrades where sailing from Tenerife bringing home the newly built vessel Juanito I. We had a hard time!!! Her seams had started to leak more and more water in. They reported by radio what was happening and we thought she would not make it to the harbour. We set out and help them by towing the boat to the harbour. The engine had been very close to get flooded!
  • The resolution, sense of responsibility and physical strength of the crew saved the vessel scooping out the water with two buckets, although they say that who really saved the vessel was a chief-engineer working for the Public Office who, in the inspection prior to granting the sailing licence, forced them to buy the two buckets they had forgotten to buy.
  • One day we were holding an election at the Guild and we had to stop because a boat full of illegal immigrants was getting ashore. We all left the premises and went down to the beach to see what was going on and tried to help. Our help was not finally needed, but the interruption in the election process had to be recorded in the minutes.
  • I remember once a dolphin swam inwards beyond the harbour limit and played around for a couple of days. Sometimes they get inside looking for food and they would become an attraction to young and old.