What to do

Get there early in the morning, and you will find fishermen simmering getting their boats ready, and setting their fishing nets and riggings to go into the sea. At the Guild’s cafeteria you can have breakfast and have a chat with these men, who will tell you thousands of stories.

After breakfast go to the sea water natural pools and plunge into the sea. Snorkelling in these pools, where the tides renew the water every day, will allow you discover the fish species of this area in total tranquility and safety, as you will be sheltered from the waves.

Take a break in any of the many terraces surrounding the pools and gather your strength to visit the Count’s House. The faces of an old noble Spanish family will stare at us from these elegant corridors, and who will resist to sampling the wines from the cellar?

Come back to the area restaurants for lunch and do not hesitate in asking for the fish of the day. Fresh fish, of course. Peaceful table talk, and ready to carry on.

To finish your day take a walk in the Juncalillo del Sur natural reserve and try to imagine the way this mangrove used to be. The elder still remember the mangrove which is now being tried to restore.