Legends and curiosities

  • Old fishermen claim the existence of a tuna sanctuary. None of them would reveal the exact location of such place where their greatest ally hunts and mates in absolute freedom. Is it true that such place exists? And that no one knows its location?
  • The conquest of Gran Canaria begun in Arguineguin backed by the Crown of Castile. While being on a reconnaissance expedition, the boastful Norman soldiers of Jean de Bethencourt intended to raid the island. The aboriginals, led by Artemi Semidan, regrouped and rejected the invasion.
  • Arguineguin has also become a haven to another fisherman’s people: the Norwegians. They have established the largest community in the islands. Visitors from Norway daydream in Arguineguin, enjoying their beloved ocean without bearing the frozen Scandinavian temperatures.
  • Close to the natural pool remains a section of an ancient wall protected by the law, as some individuals of Canarian lizard which chose such place as their home can be seen there.
  • After the Castilian conquest, a chapel consecrated to the Virgin of Las Nieves was erected at the beginning of the 16th century, and the devotion continues alongside with the Virgin of El Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel).