Wisemen from the sea

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Gran Canaria can not be understood without the picture of its boats defying the sea or its fishermen working hard on their tasks
The survival of this sector is due, mainly, to the work of societies, guilds and fisherman’s cooperatives, which would make a reality of the technical assistance, the interaction with the public offices, and the safety and quality of the product needed by this industry, besides the improvement in the commercialization of the fishery product. These entities work and, in many ways, the artisanal fishermen’s themselves, is rarely known as laudable as it is due to the fact that they not only try to defend their interests but also increase the value of the seamen cultural heritage, dignifying their work.

This praiseworthy effort from the sector is topped up by the work of many administrative, academic and scientific entities in the Canaries which, through dedication and professional knowledge, meets the need for continuity in time.

Wisemen of the Seas, annual awards granted by Cabildo de Gran Canaria in two categories (Best professional career, and Honorary distinction) hopes to pay gratitude to those who, one way or another, have dedicated their lives to the sea, respecting the people, traditions and ecosystem. People who made Cabildo de Gran Canaria, acting on behalf of the island’s people, profoundly proud of.

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